Nisha Gandhi, India

Really enjoyed the treatment and hospitality at WGI. Extremely loving, caring staff and understanding doctor, which is very much essential for a patient to become a normal person.

Satish Hebber, india

Staff are fantastic and most importantly they make you relaxed. Dr Vipul and his team were excellent in their diagnosis and showed us the path to recovery. Thank you Endoscopy asia.

Mr. Rathi, India

Dr Rathod is a Brilliant doctor & has expert in his diagnosis. We are really thankful to him for all the suggestion & medical given my him Thank you so much

Paresh Patel, india

Dr. Vipulroy Rathod is a Brilliant doctor in india we all proud of Doctor and the treatment is good. Thanks

Benafsha Irani , india

Excellent staff, very approachable people. A pleasant experience of the endoscopy & colonoscopy. Very positive energy flowing through the floor of science

Dr. Hrushikesh Vaidya, india

Great Experience our regards to Dr. Rathod. Sincerely appreciate everything he did. Thank you from Vaidya Family

Somenkumar Das, india

Its a great experience. Thank you very much to whole of your team

Rahul D Mohini, india

Excellent staff co-operation & fully satisfied with all services. Appreciate Dr. Rathod`s very personal touch

Usha J. Sejpal, india

During the process & admission we never feel that we are in hospital such a nice staff & environment is lovely

Ankit Khumar, India

It was a good and convenient process. The staff and Dr. were really good and we are not different than family

Anita Dadarwala, India

Out of this world treatment, never had better hospitality before recommend to anyone. Keep it up! Good Luck God Bless.

Rakesh Chourasia, India

No words to describe Dr Rathod. For me he is next to God. The staff of Endoscopy Asia is also an amazing staff. Very Very helpful especially Mrs. Preeti God bless you all.

Rohit J Soni, India.

Calm & Patient environment which will make you forget all your worries. Friendly approach from the doctor, the reception, the sisters and even the assistants.

Ramesh Pokharna, India.

Staff is very co-operative and Dr. Rathod is god like. The explanations given by him, encourages patients. Great work!!

Dipti Bhinde, India.

The staff is very co-operative and good natured. Best facility given overall.

Suryakumar Cr, India.

Dr. Rathod is a magician!!! I have in the past consulted many doctors but there was no improvement. It was only after coming to Endoscopy Asia that I am back to normal and that too within three weeks. He is an angel sent by god.

Dinesh Awasthi, India.

Dr Vipulroy Rathod is very good at explaining the problem and its quick remedy which is why i felt at ease once I met him. The supportive staff of his is also excellent.

Jarugula Y Kondalu, India.

I suffered constipation problem for last 10 years. Dr Vipulroy Rathod treated me and I experienced 100% relief. The staff are well mannered and very co-operative. I thank everybody for this pleasant experience.

Ravindra Shinde, Aurangabad, India.

My father got the right kind of diagnosis and the right treatment here at Endoscopy Asia. I thank all the staff at endoscopy Asia specially Dr Rathod whom I want to thank from the bottom of my heart.

Asha Kamat, India.

Fantastic state of the art endoscopy centre with human touch. Keep it up.

Dr.Priti K Acharya, India.

It was a unique experience to see Dr. Rathod performing. It was the best procedure which i have seen in 26 years of my general practice. Lot of patients will certainly get a class treatment with expertise and latest technology.

Dr. Ramesh Talreja, India.

Good Care Taker. Good Consultancy.

Dr. Riddhi B.Trivedi, India.

Nice experience!! Thank you.

Shantaben Shah, India.

One of the best facilities with great care of the patient. the words best is also small in comparison to treatment and facilities provided. we wish all the best for expansion and dream is to convert Endoscopy Asia into the world`s best gastro hospital.

Pramod Raut, India.

Best facility I have ever seen. Quick results!

Prithpal Singh Chedha, India.

Human touch to everything you do. That makes the difference!! Keep it up!!

Namrata Mehta, India.

My husband is now in safe scientific hands. Thank you very much and we look forward to your good work.

Shanti Narayan, India.

Good Experience and Nice Visuals of Endoscopy.

Mukul Sigtia, India.

Good human being and a thorough gentleman. An extremely excellent professional with friendly attitude. Excellent facilities with gentle staff and ambience.

Hitesh Doshi, India.

Really For Me It Was A Different Experience. When We Met Dr. Rathod, He Explained And Discussed The Matter In Depth And Very Important Is The Language In Which We Understand.

Dr.Mrugraj Murtdak, India.

It Was Really Nice Meeting Dr. Vipul Sir and Had A Talk With Him. I Really Felt That I Met A Magician In The Endoscopy World.

Dr. Pradip C.Shah, India.

Excellent! I Am Amazed.

Jupith D Souza, India.

Thank You! Painless Endoscopy! Excellent!

Shailika Kishore, India.

Lot Of Thanks To Cure My Lovely Daughter.

Major S.C.Joshi, India.

The biggest pleasure of the pain was that it brought me here to Dr. Rathods clinic. A rare combination of a good human being and a great professional person!

Kamala Vjwani, India.

We have immense trust in Dr. Rathod. May god bless him for doing such a wonderful job and treating so many patients with utmost care, humility and professionalism.

Pushpakumar, India.

Pleasure to meet and seek guidance from Dr. Vipul, because of whom my mother is able to sleep peacefully. Hope recurrence does not happen soon. Nice hospital and staff, the service is of great level.

Francis X. Kasendwa, India.

Excellent! Good combination of technology & expertise.

Suresh Chhatbar, India.

This is a best centre I have visited and experience with great satisfaction and my brother diagnosed properly our salute to Dr. Rathod and the staff members who attended us.

Vinod Choudhary, India.

A Very Good Human Being Not Forgetting A Very Good Doctor, Specialist, Knows His Job Thoroughly And Very Honest.

Prakash Waghmare, India.

It is a great example of man with the skill and accuracy of the machine (technology). I feel proud to be a patient of Dr. Vipulroy Rathod, such a great personality.

Ashok Mahale, India.

Dr. Vipul is sitting in heaven and listening to our prayers and relieving us from sorrow- your clinic is a soothing place. May god bless you for your kind words and deeds. I will surely let all whom I know, that yours is a place where prayers are answered. Thank you doctor.

Sunil Mhatre, India.

It Was a Very Good Experience With Dr. Rathod And His Staff They Are Very Helpful And Kind.

Ajitpal Mangat, India.

Great place! Dr. Vipulroy cures you by just a touch. Purnima is the best friend one can have and somebody one needs in every clinic/hospital.

Nikhil Contractor, India.

Felt relaxed once we entered your clinic and the staff and particularly Dr. Vipulroy Rathod gave us and the patient great courage and courtesy.

Smita Shah, India.

Excellent Facility, Very Efficient Staff & Of Course an Exceptionally, Profoundly Gifted Doctor.

Hitesh Shah, India.

Best Diagnosis, Best Arrangements For Patient Relief And Very Good & Co-Operative Staff.

Mr Deepak Tandel, India.

Dr. Vipulroy Rathod is for me like god. May god bless him.

Dr. N. Vinodkumar, India.

Dr. Vipulroy Rathod took out all the bacteria from me, thus giving a much lighter feeling. I am really comfortable & free from my abdominal problems.

Mr. Divakar Dholakia, India.

It is a very good center for investigating GI Problems.

Sujama C.S (Banglore), India.

Got a good response and the atmosphere was pleasant & honest. Doctor was wonderful.

Rudresh Chodankar, India.

Kind and friendly staff. Very pleasant experience.

Kesha Patel, India.

How much ever i write, its gonna be less so just one word -world best, nothing like coming here!