Social Outreach:

Free Medical Health Camps:

The Foundation along with Endoscopy Asia’s team of Doctors conduct Free Medical Camps for the masses and also addresses various organizations such as : Lions Club, Rotary Club, Mahela Mandals, Medical Associations etc to raise an awareness of the various diseases and the care that one should take in order to prevent such diseases. These free camps are conducted on a regular basis where in all patients are given a free consultation irrespective of their standing in society.

Subsidized treatment for the underprivileged:

Dr Rathod Medical Foundation provides a subsidy for under privileged patients, depending on their social economic status we provide a subsidy from 50% to 100%. We are proud to share that up to 40% of the work done at Endoscopy Asia is charity through the foundation for this segment of society. All deserving patients are given a free consultation and if required free/subsidized treatment depending on their socio economic status. Year after year, we have been treates patients absolutrly free of cost, in 2012, we treated 280 patients who have benefited through the foundation. With each passing year we would like to increase these numbers and this is only possible through your generous donations.