Donation Towards our Mass Awareness Program:

Dr Rathod Medical Foundation has been continuously holding Free Medical Camps for “Preventive Health Check Up of Digestive System”

In these Camps, DRMF has been emphasizing on “Early detection of Cancer for Cure” DRMF through its association to Endoscopy Asia been spreading the awareness that Gastric Cancer can be treated if detected at early stage through Endoscopic Sonography which has been Pioneered in India and this part Asia by Dr Vipulroy Rathod in 1998.

Early Gastric cancer has no associated symptoms; however, some patients with incidental complaints are diagnosed with early Gastric cancer. Most symptoms of Gastric cancer reflect advanced disease. All physical signs in gastric cancer are late events. By the time they develop, the disease is almost invariably too far advanced for curative procedures. EUS (Endo Sonography) can play an important role here in early detection of cancer and thereby help cure it.

We request Individual / Corporate / Trust / Institutions and Societies to donate towards DRMF voluntarily so that we can continue doing this work and spread awareness to more people.